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ozone333 Electronic music


Originally from the Boston area, and now in Southern California, ozone333 Electronic music continues to break new ground with intense, heart pounding trance, techno, dance, house, and funky styled rhythms.

ozone333 got his start as a Boston nightclub DJ in the early 1980's, spinning all of the favorites from that time at leading nightclubs all over the New England area. He later moved to the southern California area to pursue his DJ/music career and landed a sponsorship deal with Sonic Foundry who was eventually bought out by Sony Media Software.

ozone333's music was picked up by MTV's television production division in 2004 and continues to play in the TV shows on MTV. If you like my music, go ahead and donate a few bucks. It would certainly help me out!

:) ozone333

Music Library

My current production library consists of more than 30 unique electronic music albums. Each album has it's own special flavor making my music very versatile.  ozone333 music fits perfectly with Film, Television, Extreme Workout & Video Game titles as well as other types of video content. The production library is constantly updated with new music as I continue to produce 3 to 5 new tracks in many different genre's per month.


My studio is based on a state-of-the-art-computer. The previous computer was a custom built high end PC modeled after a well known HP server-workstation. My newest computer is based on a six core AMD processor, featuring 16 gigs of RAM and a two terabyte internal SATA drive running Windows 7 professional 64 bit. I also have 3 monitors, my central monitor is an ASUS 27" widescreen monitor and my left and right monitors are two Princeton Synergy series 19" LCD monitors.

The PC system is the main workhorse of my studio running SONY Acid Pro v7, Sound Forge 10, Vegas Pro 10, and CD Architect 5. I also use Image Line's FLStudio 9 & 10 for music creation. All of the usual consumer based PC audio/video software runs on this machine as well. Some of the other program's I use include: QuickTime, Winamp, & Windows Media Player to name a few.

Our founder, Owen Liebich trained at Video Symphony post production school in Burbank California for Digidesign's Pro Tools.

Hardware Sound Interfaces:

Hardware Sound Effects:

Hardware Input Devices: MIDI & Digital Audio


Hardware Playback Devices:

Speaker System:

I also use a DJ system consisting of :

The ozone333 studio represents years of dedication, experience, and expense. I have personally invested over $50 grand in my equipment to date and the list is never ending! My studio is available for digital audio editing, music mixing and remixing, music and video production, 5.1 mixing, mastering, sweetening, and voiceover work. I specialize in dance music mixing and mastering.

I also have a complete mobile DJ system consisting of the items mentioned above plus a 10,000 watt PA system, Subwoofers, and Martin Lighting night club style lightshow.


As you may already know, I am an avid user of SONY products which include: Acid Pro 7, Soundforge 10, Vegas Pro 10, Cinescore, and CD Architect 5. Acid and Soundforge are used on every one of my tracks for mixdown and mastering. I also use Vegas to make music videos for my tracks.

My main host program is FL Studio 10 XXL which is available from Image Line. VST and DX plugin's are the synthesizers and effects that produce or manipulate the sounds within the host program. I use a lot of these plugin's while creating music.

I also produce and use my own sounds which give my music a unique and very distinctive quality that says "ozone333" when you listen. Plugin's are broken into a few categories: Commercial - which you pay for, Open Source - which are free with or without limitations, and Free - which are free with no limitations. I use all types of plugin's in all three categories but the free plugin's are the ones that I use the most.

I get lots of free plugin's from many different sources. One of my favorite sources is Computer Music Magazine from the UK which is considered to be very expensive in the USA as a subscription, but in my case, a wonderful investment. The other source I use to find free plugin's is a well known website to music enthusiasts called KVR Audio which was purchased by the folks at Muse Research who make a very popular line of Hardware VST Hosts.

KVR lists every conceivable plugin known to anyone in their huge database and provide links to download them. They also list all of the other types of plugin's as well. Their database can be searched with very specific terms leaving you with only what you're looking for, which is great when you have a huge database such as theirs.

Here is a list of the FREE plugin's that I use almost constantly in my music:

ReFX - Claw

Audjoo - Helix beta
[now a commercial synth for $149]

Muon - Tau
[no longer available]

Tweakbench - Padawan

Superwave - Superwave P8

Togu Audio Line - Bass line


Owen Liebich, of OL Audio is an experienced voice over professional. His experience spans twenty years of entertainment venues in Boston and California.

Narration, commercial copy, on hold messaging, PSA's, and many other types of voice over work are offered by Owen for use in your upcoming projects. Pricing is variable and based on a number of different factors including: on or off site, delivery method, length of time, etc. His studio is equipped for this exact type of work

He can deliver your project by internet formats such as: MP3, WMA, OGG, or by custom CD as WAV or AIFF files readable in any CD player both internationally and domestic. Please contact Owen at OL if you have an interest in his voice over services or would like to request a demo!

Download my 3 track DEMO FREE!

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