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ozone333 Electronic music


My studio is based on a state-of-the-art-computer. A custom built high end PC server-workstation modeled after a well known HP server-workstation.

The PC is an AMD Opteron based system with 6 gigs of DDR ram and 2 terabytes of hard drive space. The computer has two DVD +/- DL Burners and one CD burner installed.

The PC system is the main workhorse of my studio running SONY Acid Pro v6, Sound Forge 9, Vegas 8, DVD Architect 2, Batch Converter 5, AC3 DVD Burner 1, and CD Architect 5. I also use Image Line's FLStudio 7 and Propellerhead's Reason 2.5, & Rebirth 2.01 for music creation. All of the usual consumer based PC audio/video software runs on this machine as well. Some of the other program's I use include: QuickTime, Winamp, & Windows Media Player to name a few.

Our founder, Owen Liebich trained at Video Symphony post production school in Burbank California for Digidesign's Pro Tools.

I have a second computer (PC) that is dedicated to the internet only. This particular PC is connected to my 10/100 Ethernet router and serves as the master computer on my network. This PC has one DVD +/- burner and two CD burners installed.  The other computer and color laser printers  are connected to the network as well. I keep my main music computer offline to the internet regularly. (for security purposes)

The studio computer network serves as a fast way to transfer large files between computers quickly. My connection to the internet is provided by a high speed cable modem and hardware firewall. All of my computers are connected via a 4 port dual monitor KVM switch so I can use the same two Princeton Synergy series 19" LCD monitors, Kensington trackball, and keyboard with both computers.

Hardware Sound Interfaces:

Hardware Sound Effects:

Hardware Input Devices: MIDI & Digital Audio


Hardware Playback Devices:

Speaker System:

We also use a DJ system consisting of :

I also have other gear that is used regularly in the studio and comes in handy like headphones, every type of cable and connector, a Sony DCR-TRV340 Digital8 camcorder, additional computer monitors, network access points and a lot more.

The ozone333 studio represents years of dedication, experience, and expense. I have personally invested over $50,000.00 in my equipment to date and the list is never ending! This stuff wasn't cheap..

My studio is available for digital audio editing, music mixing and remixing, music and video production, 5.1 mixing, mastering, sweetening, and plenty more..

I also have a complete mobile DJ system consisting of the items mentioned above plus a 10,000 watt PA system, Subwoofers, and Martin Lighting night club style lightshow.

I specialize in dance music mixing and mastering. Please feel free to contact me if you have a need for my services.

Thanks 4 checking out this page,

ozone333 :)

Download my 3 track DEMO FREE!

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